Life Science Practice

FTL Group Technologies Limited, holds a strategic partnership with NNIT, a global IT services organisation, headquartered in Denmark.   This relationship was primarily forged, to serve client demand, within the life sciences domain, to deliver a paperless validation solution, based on HPE QC, which would be fully 21CFR Part11 compliant.

NNIT FTLFTL worked with NNIT to deliver TMLS (Test Management for Life Sciences)   TMLS is delivered within the NNIT GXP Cloud.  Full validation documentation is held in the gxp vault, covering the IQ, OQ and PQ requirements and specifications.

The GXP cloud is pre-validated and fully compliant with FDA guidelines on application delivery, data separation and security.

Through this partnership, FTL Group has access to technology, information and life sciences experts, who deliver integrated IT consultancy services and solutions that increase the capabilities of key areas with the pharmaceutical value chain, including drug development, regulatory affairs, quality management and serialization.

NNIT is a publicly quoted company, with over 2,500 staff, a global footprint and trading on the Danish Stock Exchange. With more than 20 years’ experience, NNIT understands the business and IT challenges faced by organisations operating in the Life Sciences domain.

The FTL/NNIT Partnership has developed significantly and offers a comprehensive solutions portfolio consisting of the following services:

  • 21CFR Part11 Paperless Validation Solution based on HPE Quality Centre
  • PaaS Offering on GXP Applications (LIMS, QMS, EDMS etc)
  • Enterprise Hybrid Cloud based on Azure, supporting GXP environments.
  • Application Development and Support
  • Pharmacovigilance. Advisory Services

Technical Certifications, Accreditations and Resources.

NNIT is bourne of the Life Sciences industry, having previously been an integral part on Novo Nordisk.  With over 2,000 Staff, NNIT has operations in Demark, UK, Singapore, China, USA.

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