Security Testing

In today’s information-centric world, hackers are after data and business logic, which they can manipulate and control. The profile of the Cyber attacker includes National Governments, Terrorists, Hacktivists, Hackers and those seeking IP property for commercial gain. IT and Application Security is now one of the main priorities at board level in most large organisations. It is imperative that business has robust protection against this ever increasing threat.

HPE Enterprise Security has the most advanced offering in the marketplace, to counteract the bad guys. To Learn more, take a few minutes to view the videos below:

HPE Security provides a Full Managed Service for Dynamic and Static Testing.           Fortify on Demand.  More Details here

Following are some statistics:

  • 84% of breaches now occue at the Application Layer.
  • 56% of organisations have been the target of a Cyber Crime
  • It takes 45 Days on average to resolve a Cyber Attach
  • 67% of breaches are reported by a Third Party
  • 60% of Organisations spend more time and money on reactive measures
  • 10% of malware alerts are deemed to be reliable

Source: HP Internal data, Forrester Research, Ponemon Institute, Gartner

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