Service Virtualization

HPE Service Virtualization

During the functional testing phase of a core business application such as SAP or Oracle, there is often a requirement to call out to external services.  These third party services/applications may be unavailable between certain times, or may be a pay-per-transaction service.   These dependencies can lead to significant delays (and costs) on a program release cycle.   Studies on ERP Programs, have indicated, crippling wait times of 32 days on average.  Service Virtualization is a software engineering tool, that emulates the behavior of these third party services, simulating all critical elements users, network and applications.

Result – Introduces Velocity to the program which leads to faster product release.

What is the Rationale for Customers to adopt Service Virtualization (Source: Voke Market Snapshot 2015)

  • Improve time-to-market  – 68%
  • Test earlier in the lifecycle  – 54%
  • Enable continuous integration  – 52%
  • Performance testing  – 48%
  • Parallel development  – 47%
  • Scheduling constraints – 40%
  • Restricted access to dependent services, components or applications  -38%
  • Test data management  – 35%

2017 Case Study: SV Case Study

The Case for SV on SAP or Oracle ERP Upgrades. here

HPE Network Virtualization

Simulating real world network conditions within your test environment