Fortify on Demand

With over 84% of Cyber attacks now occurring at the application layer, software is the new perimeter. Many organisations lack the technical skill sets in Development and QA to undertake a deep dive assessment of their security risks and vulnerabilities. Best practice in Agile software delivery, is toward a shift left approach on testing. Test early and test often. So how do you implement best practice when you have a skill set deficiency in your team? Fortify on Demand is a Managed Service from HPE, delivered in the cloud.

FOD 3 Steps


Simply upload source code, byte code or binaries, or provide the URL of your target application to the Fortify on Demand Portal. The HPE Security team will perform an assessment, remove any false positives and create a report identifying critical vulnerabilities, suggesting line of code remediation’s.

Fortify on Demand is the Market Leader, as defined by Gartner in Feb 2017, within the Application Security Testing market.

Composite Applications

It is now commonplace that businesses run on enterprise software which contains an integrated or composite fabric of third party applications.   Alongside the functionality and performance of the integrated solution, security is also a vital component.

Lack of Security Resources

There is a big challenge for many application software development teams, in that their development and QA team do not have the requisite skills to undertake deep-dive application security testing.  Enter Fortify on Demand, the full Security Managed Service from HPE, delivered in the cloud.

Challenges within the Application supply chain.

The Customer:  As a Customer of a Third Party Application, you will need to validate Security risks,as part of your due diligence, on vendor selection.  Fortify on Demand facilitates an independent vendor assessment, without the need for provisioning specific hardware, software and technical resources.

The Vendor: As a Vendor of Application Software, you will need to demonstrate, to your Customer, the robustness of your security footprint.  Using HPE Fortify on Demand, you can simply provide the URL of your application and HPE will undertake a comprehensive static and dynamic analysis of your code.  Reports are provided from the HPE Security Team, that can be used to identify and remediate vulnerabilities.  Upon completion of the analysis, a Final report can be issued to demonstrate that an independent security assessment has been undertaken by a world leading vendor of security software.

Fortify on Demand is the Market Leader as determined by Gartner in Feb 2017, for completeness of vision and ability to execute.



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