The next generation of Application Lifecycle Management. A Comprehensive, fully integrated test management platform for Agile and DevOPS teams. Integrating both Commercial and Open ource tools, providing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

Bi-Modal IT

While business pressures may drive many IT organizations toward faster release cadence, Lean, and more Agile-like development processes, many groups have developed processes and practices that already work very effectively, without requiring significant change

In 2015, Gartner Research introduced the concept of bimodal IT, whereby they assert that organizations may opt to run in two distinct modes to support their business demands.

Mode 1 organizations require little application development process or tooling changes and already do a good job at satisfying their business goals.

Mode 2 organizations require a much faster and regular delivery cadence, involving more Agile frameworks and may include concepts such as continuous delivery, DevOps, and Lean software delivery









HPE ALM software has been a trusted and market-leading ALM platform supporting ALM for over a decade, and continues to support Mode 1 clients in their delivery activities across the globe.
Now, with this new release, HPE Software expands the ALM experience with a new set of HPE ALM capabilities, which embody next generation. This HPE ALM experience, part of the overall HPE ALM software product, helps organizations to not only support Mode 2 activities and processes but also aid organizations as they adopt Mode 2 processes and practices such as Agile development and continuous integration. This new set of software lifecycle management capabilities are optimized for the speed, quality, and scale challenges of organizations adopting Lean and Agile delivery practices, as well as delivering software through DevOps pipeline

Data Sheet: ALM Octane